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Our packaging facilities

At Nea Peramos of Attica we have as base of PETROPOULOS MARE our own Packaging - Shell Delivery Centre under the name "POSEIDON".

The collection of shells is made ​​from highly trained staff, which starts the process mentioned below.

  1. Sorting shells by size.
  2. First finish: Wash of the shells with clean sea water or potable water under pressure which has undergone a process of decontamination with UV filters and by a special polishing machine brush if necessary.
  3. Second finish: The shells are placed in consolidation tanks for two hours (as necessary) for removing sand from inside and prudential consolidation them.
  4. Weighing and wrapping in net with a badge that says: The packaging date, type, weight, batch code.
  5. Second packaging -if required- for shipment outside of Athens.(Styrofoam, ice)
  6. Loading to our vehicles for distribution throughout Greece and abroad.

Product certification

haccp The packaging facility is supported by Food Safety Management System - HACCP.
From here we transfer all the products for sale with our certified              freezer trucks, the trucks and equipped with temperature recording system to maintain the thermal chain provided by law.

Consolidation system

The consolidation reservoirs consist of :
  1. Biological filters to filter out sand and mucus.
  2. Cooling system to maintain the desired water temperature.
  3. UV system and ozone to eliminate bacteria.
  4. Oxygen, for the stable maintenance of oxygen.