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Welcome to Petropoulos mare

Our company was founded in 1988 and as its base her packing scallops in Nea Peramos - Attica with authorization code 02KA30 supported by food safety management system HACCP. From the packaging we are able to distribute our products the same day of your order in every corner of Greece and abroad.

Having at our disposal two mussel units, one in Fthoiotida and one in Nea Peramos we ensure the excellent quality of our products and their immediate delivery directly to our partners and to our 2 branches.



One of the most modern facilities with HACCP food safety management system we can ensure that the products you receive are always fresh and properly preserved.


Mussel farms

Our company is pleased to have the property of two mussels, one in Nea Peramos Athens and one in Fthiotida.


Sale points

We serve our customers with two branches retail-wholesale one in the market of Kallithea and one in Athens central market (Varvakios).

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